Course Syllabus

The Goal of our Ballet Courses

Course Syllabus

During ballet-preparatory classes, children get a chance to learn the basics of dance in a pleasant atmosphere, while acquiring the basics of harmonious movement. The main purpose of the classes is to warm up as well as developing flexibility and looseness through the playful acquisition of the steps of classic ballet. Ballet education begins are a young age, since the body is still flexible at this age, the muscles are pliable and the joints can be stretched. The goal of ballet preparatory classes is to make children’s bodies suitable for dance instruction by learning proper posture, developing muscles and performing strengthening exercises, thus mentally and physically preparing them for dance lessons. The ballet preparatory gymnastics classes allow children to learn the basics of dance in a pleasant atmosphere, while acquiring the basics of harmonious movement. The most important factors of our lessons include taking the characteristic traits of children’s age into consideration when developing their muscles and adopting a sensibly gradual approach in increasing their endurance.


The goal of the
classes is to get
acquainted with:

• the function of their musculoskeletal system,
• the connection between the various forms of motion,
• and the steps of classical ballet in a playful way.


This develops

• love of dance,
• self-control and its conscious use,
• and their need for regular exercise.


The lessons

• technical skills,
• posture – through exercises,
• movement memory,
• physical and mental endurance,
• sense of space and forms,
• sense of rhythm,
• coordination skills,
• sense of dynamic differences,
• precise musical execution of movement,
• and their self-confidence.


Course syllabus:

• warm up,
• floor exercises,
• center exercises (at a pole, center, spins, jumps, diagonals),
• stretching,
• dancing games.

Individual dance lessons:

If you’re too busy to bring your child (and her girlfriend) to classes at the designated times or if you have special needs for your child’s education, you can attend private classes. Feel free to contact us and we’ll arrange a time and place for your convenience!

Recommended apparel:
ballet dress, gym dress or shorts and t-shirt, stockings, socks or soft soled ballet shoes, hair ties, hair clips, long-sleeved shirts for the winter or when necessary